Our team

We are sincerely glad that you have found our website!

We are Küllike and Marii. We are mothers, with three lovely little girls. We don't have handwritten baby books because filling in handwritten baby books was time consuming, inconvenient, the appearance did not remain correct and the photos have still not been published. The idea came up that this could be a mobile option, and since we couldn't find a suitable product on the market, we had to create it ourselves. We had been tossing this idea around for three years: how it could be structured, whether the product would be expected on the market, whether we would have time to do it with the children and all the other fears and questions.

Since the biggest regret is not doing what you want to do, and we didn't want to regret it, we decided to do it in the summer of 2022. We now have an initial solution for the mobile app, which we are working on to make better and more functional. Plus, our children now have beautiful baby books to be proud of: no loose edges on photos, no scribbled words. Everything is just wonderful!

Be sure to try the E-book mobile app and capture the story of your baby's growing up!

Küllike Kannik

Küllike is the leader and the heart of our company. She is the mother of two beautiful girls. Raising her first child gave her the idea for an e-book.

Küllike will take care of the marketing of the e-book and generating ideas for the next developments. If you're communicating with us, it's probably Küllikes.

Marii Eliise Knight

Marii is always looking for new experiences. It may sound strange, but that's why she's the mother of a girl. He is also there for the same reason: the chance to create something new with a friend and learn new skills in the process.

Marii takes care of the technical side of the e-book. She is committed to enabling you to capture your child's journey in comfort.