Ink-free print kit

Freeze the child's hand and footprints without smearing them. Simply wipe their hand or foot with a wet napkin and press it gently onto the paper. The trace appears instantly, but needs a little time to dry.

Don't lose a single centimeter of your memories.

The best keepsake and gift for a new citizen of the world.

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  • Aiki
    Already when the child was born, I wanted to make impressions of his hands and feet to remember later. However, time passed and there was not much time to research whether to do with clay or colors, how, etc. A few months ago, however, we received an inkless impression set as a gift. With our already 1-year-old at that moment, who does not stay still even in a bottle, these prints were finally made very easily. No messing around with paint or clay! At first, the marks seemed rather light, but within twenty minutes the tone had darkened. We were very satisfied!